Prologue of Red Sun/SunHawk Life Adventures

Prologue of Red Sun/SunHawk Life Adventures

Many people wonder what they are reading, and the point of my writings, when they read my articles, since I write in a manner, which gives individuals food for thought. Some believe it is only personal adventures and hold no other meaning; others think what I have to say is 10% facts and 90% fiction. Reality, the articles are actual strange, wonderful and sacred life adventures with countless journeys. May I give you a couple of glimpses into how I do conduct my writings and why?

First Glimpse goes into standards for my traditional writings: (A) Only a few names are changed, because I don’t want to attract the negative energies of certain people and/or entities surrounding them.(B)  The names of honorable people are not disguised, unless he/she has crossed; which is done out of respect to honor the person. (C) Tradition it is important to honor and use the spirit name we’re given once he/she crossed. The everyday street names, address the mortal person, and not the eternal spirit, which is the reason we stop using the name of the mortal form, and use the lesser known indigenous spiritual name. The use of common/mortal street names has the ability to trap our loved ones, between worlds and prevent their crossing.

Second Glimpse: Life adventures and journeys have always been extremely important, pulling physical and spiritual life together. Visions are just one form of numerous interactive telepathic communications; which helped all indigenous peoples’ experience, learn, develop, advance, explore, and gain wisdom: Truth is Truth, which is how our spiritual, traditional, and cultural life advanced, via generations of shared experiences, combined with centuries of sacred medicines, sciences, increased our universal and spiritual associations and enhanced our knowingness.

All levels of our communications, enhanced our inner-active activity, influenced all levels of indigenous life, intelligence and lifestyles; which proved valuable all with the ability to witness wisdom’s truths. Prejudice is destructive just ask any Indigenous Native, and who can count how many generations and nationalities failed to comprehend our spiritual culture. Few had any real reference to our language, lifestyle, centuries of knowledge, awareness, or our vast sacred connections. None could comprehend we had advanced sciences, which these days our sciences are referred as Native Sciences, spiritual physics, quantum physics, and Native Medicines. Our different societies, clans, and life styles held strong connection with spiritual sciences and nature. We looked at life as a journey of lessons . . . all of life is a series of lessons, and we are always learning. Life, societies, clans, relations, guardians, animals and tribal lifestyle, were our educators, teachers, and classrooms; because our spiritual life is our real life universe where our work begins.

Life adventures and journeys are part of our history, and one of our most powerful teachers. Thus my intent is to take you on various life journeys and adventures, of physical/spiritual combined with universal physics and quantum physics which the Indigenous Natives understood and survived with on a daily basis. Truth, on the surface our life appeared disjointed; in truth our interactions proved wonderful adventures, which taught us so much more, than straight line lessons, since life and Mother Earth were our classrooms, guides and educators. Our guardians provided amazing life lessons in a variety of ways, thus we grew with countless combinations of lessons and experiences. We attended our culture of life on countless planes.

We had/have scores of teachers, lessons, experiences, directions and opportunities to develop a very elaborate system of higher awareness and education. Thus I hope these different adventures will also give you a better awareness of how enlightenment, awareness, science, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies guided our cultures, traditions, medicines, and social structure. It is important to realize without are vast communication abilities many of your medicines today, would have been lost, too.

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real?

Is Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk for real? . . . One of the more interesting questions I have discovered in various places across the World Wide Web. To answer that question the simplest way possible. I have lived a very extreme life, for a number of reasons, but a voice within says mainly to reawaken others to our truths and knowledge. It is hard to relate ones lifestyle experiences associated to and with Indigenous Native Peoples sacred traditions, truths and values we lived by long before aliens invaded our lands. One part of my prime objective help connect traditional past with our present; allowing us to honestly awaken to our future.

Sacred Father of Life and Light Eternal is Red, very much alive, for our sacred universe is neither dead nor have they forsaken the people, but many of our people has forsaken our Sacred Father and our universe.

From various journeys made, I do know the indigenous native peoples of this land have always been his sacred people. The plan was for the whites to learn from us and for us to learn from them. The sharing of knowledge would have made us both strong and we would have advanced in all ways, the joining of knowledge would have given all a more stable universe. Instead, the whites were tricked into seeking our destruction, which meant great lose for all, because many were taught to fear and do all things possible to destroy the sacred ways and knowledge of the indigenous peoples.

Why am I here now, we are facing critical times, and a necessary number of us are here to help show the peoples or all nations, cultures, and clans, the purest of sacred traditions, cultures, knowledge and medicine ways . . . Yes, all of these gifts and abilities still exist but they have been corrupted and distorted. It is important we can become one with the Spiritual Universe again, since if we do not, we might be lost forever. Know none of us can force you to believe or accept, we can only show you and it is up to you, which avenue you travel.

Sacred truths are how I lived, because the Sacred Guardians and Elders taught me many truths and allowed me to comprehend in wonderful ways—volumes of universal knowledge. No, I am not a god or goddess; I am only one of many messenger/teachers, whose life lessons began before my throat and lips were allow to form words, but my brain was linked to the sacred, spiritual universe, which had the ability to communication telepathically.

Journeys to Understand the Tree of Life Eternal

Why, do I appear so strange or detached; from what most consider the main stream of life? This is true, however, the only thing I can say, I life in this universe, with one-foot in the spiritual realm all the time, and the other trying to connect with life here. After five or six times flat line dead, when spirit departs physical forms, one gets to see the universe’s truths. More than a few times medical staff declared me death, and once I was gone long enough to receive a toe tag, and Last Rite.

Once any one made half as many crossing, as I have, or a trance medium, who has taken numerous spirit walks, and witnessed countless healing events—people call miracles—it is easy to see and understand why, because these events have been great teachers. We are more than a mortal being of earthly materials; we are, in truths, energy forms of light and life eternal, we are a source of energy, which translate into beings of spiritual physics.

If you understand my countless journeys and experiences you might get a better glimpse into what and why, is meant by I life in both realms. Then you need to focus on the fact it is how and why many of our people lived life, they witnessed knowledge through enlightenment, the same as many others and I. All of life is a circle of wonderful journeys.

Death Temporary . . . Crossing to Experience our Sacred Universe

First Crossing: Drunken lust, selfishness, greed, sexual needs, and hated came one afternoon, by way of the one who took me in for money. She decided to kill this child the same way . . . she killed her biological daughter . . . drowning both in an over size four claw bathtub. In her drunken stupor she pitched across the bathtub against the wall behind the bathtub, and I dropped face first into a tub, filled close to overflowing. The slam against the wall insured and bruises would appear on my back and head, from the fall, prior to death. A sociopath wanted to give the appearance the child turned the water on, tried to climb out, fell in the tub, hit her head and drowned, when she went to answer the telephone. She had asked someone to call her at a certain time. Yes, I stopped breathing, started across but the Sacred Mother, held me between planes until Grandmother M arrived and beat the water out of my lungs, the same way one gets a baby to cry for the first time.

Second Crossing: I fell off a two-story tall slide and hit the ground, which stopped heart and lungs. When I returned very a great conversation, I recognized and heard dead people. The only reason I say I crossed here was due to what a doctor and nurse, husband and wife team, on the beach, who explained, when they arrived I was not breathing and they had no heartbeat, for a good twelve minutes. Liquor and sex, ignores the safety of two-four years old girls, playing alone at water’s edge on Pismo Beach. We had no adult supervision, when we decided to place wet sand at the top of the slide, hoping the wet sand would give us a faster ride. It did . . . I toppled head first on the sand below, leaving a four foot indentation.

Questionable crossing maybe, but when I did return, the count of living five and the count of spirits bodies more than fifty standing around me. All needing help to resolve conditions here so they could go home; which Grandmother M and her circle, gathered there and helped over seventy-five cross.

Third and Fourth Crossings: I died twice in one day (under six hours apart.) Third crossing my spirit departed approximately thirty minutes; and the fourth crossing doctors estimate I slipped across close to forty-five minutes or more. They could only give and estimate, because the nurse assigned to my room, had stepped away for more than fifteen minutes, prior to calling Code Blue, combined with more than thirty-five minutes before the Priest arrived to give me Last Rites. Just before he finished with Last Rites, I returned with the sheet over my face, when screamed I am not dead, only then did I discovered I was wearing a toe-tag and prepped for the morgue.

Fifth Crossing: Most Sacred and Highest of the Highest Council of Archangel Chiefs, along with the Sacred Son of the Eternal Light of Life Eternal summoned Red Sun across to meet with them. Only the right decision or I would not return to my physical form. I was standing, before the Highest Council, at least five hours of earth time . . . on trial. This trial also determined, if SunHawk would be allowed to live, because my prayers for his life had proven too—too . . . selves and too narrow. Truth, if I had not made the right decision and form the right prayer many would not have survived. Luck for all I learned the secret to what they wanted when we pray and many survived.

Sixth Crossing: Several hours after my appendix ruptured, huge amounts of peritonitis, and other toxic poisons ran rapid throughout my system, but none were aware of the unidentifiable danger; after fifty gallons of fluid departed, out its same channel of entry. None suspected one rather large secondary sack of gangrene, until too late. In fact, they had put off doing the surgery until the surgeons came in on the morning shift. No, further exam, since 0400 hours, I was prepped and sent to surgery. During the opening incision the surgeon’s scalpel cut into and ruptured the gangrenous sack. Rapidly poison spread, system shutdown, and spirit left to make its sacred journey home, and one surgeon declared me dead and began to cut me open to perform his own autopsy, in the operating room.

Lucky, for me on several occasions, prior to this surgery, I felt it necessary to inform my primary doctors, about prior to surgeries, and my habit of dying during operations. I asked them not to give up since I do return once the surgery is completed. This surgery, also occurred after SunHawk crossed, and I really believed I had no reason to return, but . . . time of crossing to be because  here I am now.

Crossings . . . Lifetimes Instantly Change

Nothing is ever the same

Now you know the short-short condensed version, lacking details of what happened during or afterwards or anything about my spiritual development. Considering each crossing has a role in awakening and bestowing enormous wisdom along with sacred knowledge and spiritual gifts to increase and/or enhance certain abilities. Nothing is so simple, when one realizes what is required aka demanded of each individual, because there can also be many demands on our families and household, too.

Sacred truth: once a person crosses their current and future lifetimes instantly change in many various ways. New gifts abilities these journeys awaken, equals and equate to life’s new assignments, enhanced objectives and increased responsibilities, which the Sacred Elders require of each individual he sends back. In truth, knowledge most will not fully recall upon ones . . . rebirth arrival: it is important to realize we receive volumes of data and information. Much knowledge one absorbs; which rewires ones mental abilities; it is important to realize wonderful new spiritual responsibilities comes with ones new awareness; which in unique ways slowly awakens one to sacred spiritual cognizance?

The awakening is not meant to slam you all at once with massive amounts wisdom. The journey of awakening development, one can equate to riding in a canoe, on ones Sacred River of Life. A flash or feeling instructs you to go ashore in different areas, once you reach each point, pieces of new wisdom and abilities awaken when and where it is needed. This does not mean one is given power or position to mislead or misguide ones people, it is given for one to help guide and support.

Sacred Crossings Traditional Advancement

One sacred traditional truth, I learned from elders of various nations: Most sacred spiritual leaders, spiritual warriors, sacred medicine elders, and/or Leaders, normally, during childhood and/or young teenage years, is when most crossed at least three times. However, it might be more when urgent events, changing conditions required his/her full and direct attention. Spiritual communication ranged from strange accidents, fall down sickness, along with serious illnesses; each had the ability to summons them to communicate with the Sacred Ones.

It is not possible to count the number of Spiritual Medicine Leaders and Elders; who did not consider spiritual trainees to possess sacred medicine awareness, until their third crossing. First two were primary introductions, combined with personal training, periods of evolvement and emotional testing, for those who cross and returned. Nevertheless the third journey, seemed to awaken individual’s power connect, comprehend and discover the sacred blessings. The sacred light of true awakening to our spiritual universe, and awareness to the vastness of our Sacred Father, has just begun, along with ones real primary objective and prime directive, is now before you.

Third spiritual crossing: in the majority of cases, gave those who qualified, in the opinion of the Sacred Ones, the ability to cross and communicate freely. When you past the test you will discover ones duties and responsibilities increase. Ones guardians, guides, and teachers, come closer and assist you with the ability to seek answers, across the different planes of the universe. I have known many who on various occasions spook with the Sacred High Council of Elders. This enhances ones ability to connect with various universal components; which produces good medicine elders and warriors. I found this interesting only then did the people recognize them with the ability to become sacred spiritual elders.

If you are interested in the taking unique journeys and gain new knowledge, continue to read beyond this point. You will gain insight into details about how these events occurred, what I experienced, which combined gifts, knowledge, responsibilities, and obligations, each crossing also imparts support to enhance ones spiritual life journeys and adventures.


2 thoughts on “Prologue of Red Sun/SunHawk Life Adventures

  1. Michelle, I think that you are more different that just 90% of the normalcy out there. I think your opinion of yourself is rather reserved and these things that I know a thing or three about without putting too find of a point on it. It is my privilege to know such a loving, kind, and knowledgeable spirit in yourself. Thank you for sharing this.

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