Back-story in Short to Why the Trickster Attack Part 3 of 4


Back-story in Short to Why the Trickster Attack


One of Many Factors Satan was Mad


[0900 hours to 1600 hours Monday and Tuesday] I contacted several priests and physicists to get their prospective on these unique conditions, allowing with the girls to listen to our conversations; which covered our weekend information and a condensed back-story linked to this incident:


Approximately twenty-months earlier StillsWater experienced near death experience; caused by excessive blood lose. Saved by an angel, who took my form [0330 hours] and called a code blue emergency. Summonsed to the hospital at 0440 hours, to support StillsWater and confront hospital staff. 0700 hours two-doctors invited me into their lounge: StillsWater was in advance stages of Juvenilia Rheumatoid Arthritis and her life expectance is short.

In my heart, a strong knowledge spoke, StillsWater’s life in mother’s hands and she will get well. Strong faith without doubt, she will recover and stand strong. I realize this would require all my spiritual knowledge and skills to make it happen, but it will happen.


Grandmother M taught personal sacrifices, is one of several important ingredients to prove ones sincerity, which begins with commitment, inner-personal knowingness, strength, and personal sacrifices combined with spiritual love, energy, time, and sacred prayers. On our way home, 1000 hours I purchased ten-continual-prayers-candles, to burn 24/7, at in the center of our house, which was just happen to be our four-direction entry/pathway.


Original sacrifices: purchasing blessed candle (enlightenment) combined with sacrificing sleep, obsessive-compulsive housecleaning symbolic of StillsWater’s total JRA cleansing and healing. Using every minute of cleaning to communicate with guardians via conversational prayers meant to carry my prayers to the Creator. Burning purchased candles continued exactly forty-days and nights, until . . .


The thirty-seventh morning Angels arrived on the waves of dawn’s first light . . . Amazing how actual angelic visitations come in mysterious ways and this one was unique. Lift, transport from bed one Red Sun, on air, approximately one-foot above floor to office and place in office chair, forty-five.


Journey incorporated a second forty journey, visual forty-day and night insight into the Son of Man experiences with Satan on the mountain, after his baptism. "Behold within his experiences are many lessons/gifts we offer, you." Okay, (?) . . .


Sacred Father’s instructions to follow to prove sincerity to insure StillsWater recovery, healing, and life renewal: Sacrifices, lessons, and tests: designed to teach, challenge, and strengthen our foundation, character, and reveal ones inner-faith. Healing candles only as instructed . . .  Blue stars with frankincense and myrrh crystals, not oils, plus natural sage and cedar. I could only make enough candles for thirty burning hours, up by 0400 hours each morning to make candles and clean house. Use only one match to light the first candle and from then on, you will light each from the one burning. Design daily activities around the sacred prayer candles, not the candles around activities. You can only ignite the fresh when the candle is within its last quarter inch. . . .


Departing words: Beware; if your daughter is healed, Satan will try to take all of you through fire. Take precautions to prevent your house from burning down and ending StillsWater life because it will empower him to end all your lives. Beware of his tricksters there are many and they will not give up without a fight.


"Fast foreword through the months, of faith, prayers and spiritual determination [172 hours before eruption], during StillsWater’s normal Wednesday blood sacrifice the doctor’s words became the Sacred Father’s hardest test of character, faith and inner-strength: Time to make funeral arrangements. . . StillsWater only has a couple of weeks to live—if that much.


Between a single mortal heartbeat, spirit-heart carries faith all through heaven: Doc, your words pronounce . . . life not death for our six million dollar medical—girl. Now she receives heaven’s sacred blessings for life anew she will recover from death and rebirth is at hand.


Following Wednesday, [0330 hours] eighty-three hours before eruption, a Sacred Mother transports StillsWater from bed to floor and summons since she was not able to get out of bed without help and she summons . . . "Mother, come to your daughter’s side, its time."


Sacred healing power floods StillsWater’s room with dancing crystal blue light—revealer of truth: uncover (oversize voodoo) rods, the destroyers of StillsWater’s spiritual and physical life form. Via Sacred Mother’s instructions, this mother removes the rods. When all was completed, I lifted her back in until time for StillsWater’s weekly bloodletting, six hours later. We return home and she slept strong for the next forty hours, she/we discovered painless sleep and mobility, in addition to pleasure of regained ability to chew solid foods.


Thursday morning, forty-three hours count down, to eruption, phone rings, doctor says, he needed to take a second test, no other explanation. Friday, twenty-one hours and fifteen minutes and counting down: Doc calls, ". . . Lab re-checked StillsWater’s blood twice; it’s a miracle . . .  no more JRA. Once I covered the back-story, of events and impact I received insight into how others connect spiritual, universal, and quantum physics and the concept Sacred Father and angels have abilities and knowledge to interact with physics. Spiritual faith adds to physics, which lead to renewal of StillsWater life and her physical form purified, mental and spiritual cleansed, while her new spiritual life awareness awakened."




A time to listen watch and learn and children speak more truth in their skits.

When they listen they learn more than even they realize.


4 thoughts on “Back-story in Short to Why the Trickster Attack Part 3 of 4

  1. That was some healing ritual you kept going there for Still Waters.. which was rewarded.. Healing, Faith, and Knowing,,,, The Sacred Spirit Father performs many miracles… This was exceptional… So did you make the special candles for burning yourself?… And what did the Dr\’s have to say to her miraculous recovery?

  2. After two years he declared it a miracle and yes, I had to make all the candles they could not be purchased and I had to shop for all the right ingredients, But I could only purchase enough for one month at a time then I had to go and research over 200 mile radius for the next products, they had to be the purest each time. This was in Southern California so it gave people a vast area to find things in, but it required alot of time in the car and sometimes going to the same place twice to purchase produces

  3. What a testimony of faith and miracles. Thank you for sharing that prayer is time intensive journey and not a hurried \’Make me better Lord\’ but the patience of prayer.

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