Chapter 10 (new) SunHawk and Red Sun Invisible Journey

 Chapter 10

SunHawk and Red Sun Invisible Journey


SunHawk was rarely home and his persona of the house belongs to the woman, increased and compounded by when he came home from work you take care of me and do not expect my help. Then I realized why, SunHawk had four-grandmothers, who raised him, and continued to ingrain in SunHawk’s brain, the house is woman’s work, the fields are men’s responsibilities. Even so, the women did work in the fields, during certain season, along side the men at planting and harvest time. One small detail I left out, all of SunHawk’s grandmother’s were sisters, who were married to his grandfather’s brothers, who were all killed during combat with whites that wanted the brother’s lands, which were purchased, with gold from the Black Hills. One the Calvary killed during a running battle with Calvary, but the other two greed and disrespect killed them and a few children. By their tradition, if a brother’s ended for any reason then it is up to one of the surviving brothers, to take the fallen brother’s wife in and care for her and her children. One more example: of why, marriages were not entered into lightly. Because no never knew when they might end up with their brothers women.


Sioux/Cheyenne traditions of SunHawk’s world were strong within him and most white women would find it hard to understand and/or accept, because life roles were different from that of the people that lived and walked a different path. Remember, we were red in a white environment and trying to balance a world many times at odds with the other’s standards. In the red world, the man’s role dictated he meets his family’s needs, which included doing what was necessary to protect, and provide a good environment and comfortable way. Know in a red world not all things do we counted in dollars and cents, but by honoring the way we honor are sacred spiritual traditions and family unity.

A woman’s role dictated she watched after those that cared for family, protected livestock, fields, and land; together with the traditional spiritual values and ensures the family maintains spiritual balance. Family responsibilities, included spiritual/physical health, care of the house, children, gardens, cooking, sewing, and all the other household needs, which included making sure their men, and family were clothed.

The men built the house, since, in the past, bringing home the buffalo skins for a woman to build a lodge was tradition, but they has become something of the past. The giving of skins gave the woman the lodge. However, these days, the man either builds or purchases a house, which becomes the woman’s property, along with all its contents and family possessions. SunHawk was always taught, inside the house, the woman word was absolute; however, the men were boss outside, somewhat, and with SunHawk’s grandfather, four women were too much boss, which was the reason Grandfather Standing Bear went fishing a lot, too. At harvest and planting season, around a boy’s seventh year, once he is capable of using .22 rifles or handguns, it became the young males responsibility to walk ahead of the plow animals in the fields, killing rattlesnakes before they killed the horses, mules, or other family members.

Traditions meant once young males in the family became old enough to listen; the elders sent the young boys outside to work with the men and learn in the ways of the men, where boys learn sacred values, respect, and responsibility, in the ways of the men, from the men. The caring for the animals around the outside of the house and in the barns became the responsibility of elders, parents, and grandparents. However, SunHawk’s father abandoned his children, for the violence of WWII Fighting Sea-Bees, he lost his spirit when he choice to life in the white world of drinking, violence and women. After the war, he died from radiation exposure, during the construction of the first nuclear submarine.


To understand SunHawk and Red Sun sacred spiritual life training journey, visualize two paths, one of male and the other of female. Walking together on different sides of the same slipstream of invisibility, considering our sacred eternal spirit walk in the same spiritual realm, which is the only thing that divides our full awareness of absolute spiritual/physical interaction coupled unity support of actions.

Spiritual unity links awareness and values together in different/similar eternal life development guidance via life styles. Then the slip screen reaches certain areas, when our path must travel across separate universal journeys, our slip screen stays connected, while it supports each ones abilities. Knowledge gathering requires many individual journeys so we can come together and join our new awareness.

If are journey require we undertake certain adventures apart, know this we will return to continue together (side-by-side) our life journeys. Each new journey and reunion continually moves us forward to undertake, new sacred waterways staircases, together or along opposite sides of our sacred slip stream.

Surprise, the Sacred Father decrees and summons Red Sun and SunHawk take a journey on his sacred bridge. To our amazement one-day, our sacred journey acknowledges two-paths; need to become visible, for a time on our physical/spiritual journey. We unknowingly, continue our sacred life journeys under decree that provides support and links our eternal spirit; across how many centuries and life times it is hard to say, for we are only conscious of this time.

Nevertheless, our journey does not always take us in a straight-line, side-by-side, together or along the same trail in the same universal direction, but sometimes we travel apart in universal time, but never so far apart that we are not supportive of each other. Only the screen of invisibility secretively supports and guides our journey continuation of physical/spiritual in a supportive along new the path of new adventures. Our journey began before either of us returned to walk here for a time.

To understand our life’s objective together, it is important to recognize, all of our life guidance gave to our grandparents, to help set our life course, or straight from our guardians, to prepare me for life after her crossing. SunHawk for life after his vision; which meant our major training came from the unseen guardians who raised, trained, and protected us.

Guardians, included our sacred union teachings, and prepared us for the day, chosen for us to come together, opening the way for the Sacred Father to join us in sacred eternal union. A sacred spiritual truth, once Grandmother M crossed, I lived under a roof and survived, because I accepted, received and listened to my spirit guides, guardian, teachers and tricksters, because of conditions, all one-hundred of them had a big job one their hands, too.

After the father of SunHawk, lost his spirit in the world of the fighting Sea-Bees combined with hard drinking and violence, his fraternal, grandfather and grandmothers raised him. They wanted to make sure they reinforced within him personal honor; and trained him to become a person of honor and respect for life, women, and family, but yet a sacred spiritual medicine warrior at the same time. SunHawk’s grandfather just happened to be a medicine man, which placed strong traditional requirements and values on the entire family, since his grandfather had begun to train with the Apache medicine elders, after the battle of what is now know as the Little Big Horn. His grandfather did not rejoice in violence or killing, but he believed his duty, required him to become the caretaker, guardian, and in times of need a providers for their families, too.

Women own the house, gardens, barns, and all the animals upon the land and anything else to do with the women’s domain, woman’s word was absolute law, or so they wanted to believe, which no man should question, unless a woman proofs she is unworthy of such an honor. Earth Mother is the life and the land, which means men, can only be the caretakers of all the lands outside, beyond the house, gardens, barns, which the women were the caretakers, for no one really owned the land and she could reclaim your property any time she wanted. In the times one did not make the Sacred Earth Mother mad, the women gave the men permission to be king outside, away from the women, and men learned early in life not to make their women mad.

Grandfather, want to make sure his grandson loved and respected woman and mother, so he instilled within SunHawk, the only real things men own is what women allow them own; the clothes on their back, one horse, rifle, and one saddle, the rest belongs to the woman of the house. Grandfathers impressed on their sons and grandsons to keep their women happy, and not do anything to make their woman mad enough to divorce them, and especially do not make and Indian woman mad enough to divorce you Indian style. Sometimes, if the man is lucky, their women might decide to send him to sleep in the barn until he learns, his women are boss.

Then the grandmothers always impressed on women not to do anything that brought disgrace down on the family, and to make sure she behaved in a way they brought her man great honor and respect. In truth, if a woman behaved in a disgraceful manor to bring shame on her family, a man could divorce her and set her out with nothing.


SunHawk, grandparents and uncles also had a couple of farmhands to assist with all the work around the place to help take some of the burden off the men of the men when called for spiritual reasons. Now since his open-heart surgery, SunHawk’s behavior went from slow to overdrive, pushing life in a headlong race to where, and his bad days were catching up with his good days. I could see it in his face, but he did not want to admit the drive to and from work had begun to take its toll on him, too. Furthermore, he was working the graveyard shift and early morning shifts. Graveyards shift is one shift no one with heart problems, should not be working.




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Love is the Expression of Our Sacred Father’s Love Shining through Us

By Sacred Elders, Grandmother M  brought to you by RedSun/SunHawk Life Adventures




3 thoughts on “Chapter 10 (new) SunHawk and Red Sun Invisible Journey

  1. I really enjoyed reading this…. and I had a few smiles, Interesting reading the roles plays of man and wife Native American Indian Style.
    Thank you for sharing x

  2. Not only nice but also a lesson in love…
    Many "why\’s" are explained…
    So today it will take a lot of my time to remind it 🙂
    ♥ Con respeto y cariño ♥

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